Hi there, I’m Kai Xiang!

I am a storyteller, researcher and journalist. My work experience is centered around developing persuasive content for digital audiences, extracting insights from data and analytics, and building effective digital strategies. Making a personal difference and striving towards better institutions and governance are the main drivers of my work.

You may know me from:

My research interests include misinformation, media regulation and online civil society. I am always eager to contribute my research skills, new media competencies and independent work ethic, which I have demonstrated in past roles in peace and security, journalism and public speaking.

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My Work

As Communications Officer of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT), I take a data-driven approach to communicating our work, develop multimedia content such as data visualisations and interactive narratives, and support the editorial processes behind the ICCT journal’s top-tier scholarship. An example of my work is Flashpoints: an Interactive Game on Counter-Terrorism, a first-of-its-kind educational game in the field of counter-terrorism.

I graduated from Leiden University with a Bachelor in Political Science, with a specialisation in International Relations. From Fall 2021 onwards, I will be pursuing a MPhil in Sociology of Media and Culture at the University of Cambridge.

My research interests include misinformation, media regulation and online civil society. Building on this interest, I created and maintain the POFMA’ed Dataset, a dataset of every electronic communication subject to Singapore’s law against ‘fake news’. The dataset aims to be a resource for academics, journalists and the general public. Read this Explainer Infographic for an overview of the law and its uses.

In my spare time, I produce digital content on obscure or overlooked facets of politics and the internet on my newsletter, Samizdat. Some noteworthy examples of my content include Twitter bots (@SGForumBot) and alternate history games (Choose Your Own Singapore).


Peace and Security: Beyond my work with ICCT, I served as a Project Monitoring and Evaluation Intern at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), where I contributed to the Network Team by writing grant proposals and reports for donors, and conducting research and desk reviews; supporting the work of the over 200 civil society organisations that comprise GPPAC.

Media: As a journalist in Singapore, I created media content for the Yahoo Singapore Newsroom. Prior to that, I completed my Diploma in filmmaking and journalism, with a focus on content for digital audiences. Examples of my work can be found here.

Public Speaking: I am a co-founder and organiser of Leiden University’s Hague Debate Society. In the past, I represented my institute and country in international debate tournaments, while serving as Singapore Polytechnic’s Debate Society President. I give talks and workshops on developing communication strategies, personal branding and digital skills. Contact me for more details.

My Impact

Persuasive Content: My background in the media has equipped me with essential skills (interviewing, press statements, social media management) for creating clear, concise and persuasive multimedia content. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.

Digital Expertise: I am skilled with web analytics, Tableau, Excel, WordPress, and Adobe Photoshop / InDesign / Premiere Pro — everything you need to bring your organisation into .

Game and Experience Design: I am experienced with operationalising themes and research into compelling and interactive experiences. You can find a full list of the games I have created here.

Applied Knowledge: I have an excellent academic record in political science and media studies, and am proficient with both quantitative (statistics, SPSS) and qualitative (ethnography, discourse analysis) research methods. I have used these research methods in the context of journalism and think tank research.

International Experience: My achievements and experiences represent my ability to engage with, reconcile and learn from a wide variety of perspectives and sources. I have used these skills to communicate effectively with my peers; in settings from Singapore to the Netherlands.