Research and Journalism

POFMA’ed Datasetpofmaed.com — a dataset of every electronic communication subject to Singapore’s ‘fake news’ law and concise explainers providing the necessary context around this law’s use.

Bridging the Gap Between Counterterrorism Research and Practice Through Game-Based Learning — gnet-research.org — For the academic research arm of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, I argue that games can play a unique and oft-overlooked role in counter-terrorism.

Singapore Samizdatsamizdat.ghost.io — a monthly newsletter focusing on internet-based stories on Singapore politics.

  • Singapore + Human Rightssamizdat.ghost.io — This primer provides an overview of Singapore’s history and abstention from some of the world’s most influential human rights treaties.
  • Where did Singapore’s Ministers study? — samizdat.ghost.io — How elite are the elite institutions of Singapore? From secondary school to university, this viral article illustrates the educational background of Singapore’s 34 ministers (as of 2021) in eight charts and figures.

Poet rejects arts funding in Singapore amid censorship debatesg.news.yahoo.com — Yahoo Singapore’s then-leading story on Singaporean artists’ disengagement from the National Arts Council.

Sean Lee’s The Garden — todayonline.com — An article written as part of the Singapore Biennale Young Art Writers Programme, examining a striking message from a light box and extreme close-up photography.

Entrepot Magazineentrepotmagazine.com — A magazine by students of Leiden University’s Campus The Hague I co-founded and edited. Key stories include Strike! (on the national education strike) and Leiden Demands Housing (on the student housing crisis).

Applying Social Contract Ethics to Singapore’s Section 377A — Leiden University’s Journal for Undergraduate Research — My article argues that Singapore’s ethical justification of 377A is premised upon an understanding of public reason as static (instead of malleable), thus enacting principles of justice for an illiberal status quo despite the presence of more just alternatives.


Flashpointsicct.nl/flashpoints-game — A first-of-its-kind research-based digital game on counter-terrorism, examining different perspectives on the deadly 2011 Norway Attacks.

Choose Your Own Singapore — sagakaya.com — A prize-winning game on Singapore’s alternate histories from self-government to independence — to be showcased at the upcoming Heritage Festival 2021.

@SGForumBottwitter.com/sgforumbot — A twitter bot that procedurally generates parody Straits Times Forum letters, using only the words found in ST Forum letters.